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Want to improve your game? Choose from our PGA professional instructors. Want to practice your swings with intelligent, automated feedback? Book time in the Dryvebox truck or a session playing with the Trackman simulator outdoors. Golf course too far? You can meet us at a Dryvebox location or have the Dryvebox truck or Trackman simulator delivered to you. Thinking of ordering Dryvebox for an event? Design your perfect event package with instructors, extra swing stations, chipping stations, putting stations, lawn games, tables, and chairs. Want to practice more consistently? Choose from our membership options.


Want even more out of your Dryvebox session? To enhance your Dryvebox experience, you can select from any of the add-on services below at checkout.

dryvebox truck



We'll provide all the equipment you need (e.g., clubs, balls) and you'll have access to play in a variety of golf courses using our simulator technology. there will be someone on site to show you how to use dryvebox.


You can meet at one of our dryvebox locations (included in cost), or you can ask for dryvebox to be delivered to you for $25. event rates apply if more than 10 people are using dryvebox.

outdoor simulator



play outdoors with a simulator, camera, mat, and net set up.


you must Bring your own golf clubs and balls. You can meet at one of our dryvebox locations (included in cost), or you can ask for materials to be delivered to you and set up for $25. Make sure there is room on site (at least 15ft x 15ft)

Delivery of dryvebox or outdoor simulator



we'll drive to you within any of our operating areas: San Francisco, Palo Alto, Cupertino.


Please ensure there is somewhere for Dryvebox to park. Dryvebox is 22' long (about 2 parking spaces: 15ft wide x 25ft long x 13ft high)

Private Coaching

jake hutt $200/hour
Richard edmunds $175/hour


At this price, your chosen PGA Instructor will meet you with our dryvebox truck and all the materials you'll need for your lesson.


Pricing is the same for private or group training sessions. You can meet your coach at one of our dryvebox locations (included in cost), or you can ask for the coach and dryvebox to be delivered to you for $25.

Event rate



dryvebox along with our staff to help set up and show your guests how to use dryvebox.


Minimum of 2 hours. event rates apply if there are more than 10 people using dryvebox.

EVENT equipment



Equipment includes tables, chairs, lawn games, putting stations, chipping stations.


if you'd like instructor(s) or additional swing stations, please refer to our instructor pricing and our outdoor simulator pricing.


All memberships include 1 introductory swing analysis, Dryvebox golf balls, Dryvebox tees, Dryvebox ball marker,  priority access to Dryvebox tournaments and events, and up to 5 guests can join you during your Dryvebox sessions.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

The biggest hurdle I’ve come across, as a beginner in golf, is finding the time to practice with someone that can tell me what I specifically need to fix. I can spend hours on the range myself, watch hours of helpful YouTube videos that give great advice, but nothing beats that personalized in the moment feedback experience! I truly see Dryvebox addressing that problem in a very convenient and exciting way for anyone in the golf learning spectrum. In addition, as my love and interest of golf grows rapidly, so does my want to share it with other POC.


The team showed up at my apartment, parked out front and setup shop. Incredible experience and really cool concept. To have access to a trackman / simulator for an hour without having to load my clubs in the car and drive is so perfect. Golf in the city has never been easier.

Matt Murphy

The DryveBox team is definitely on to something here. Having a mobile swing studio plus a world class instructor that can travel to different locations in the area is awesome. Perfect for a course like Lincoln Park that doesn’t have a driving range of its own.

Nate Taylor