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Why Dryvebox

Transforming the Golf Experience

No matter your location. No matter your experience. No matter how you want to play. Dryvebox delivers, with our patented mobile golf simulator.
Turnkey golf simulator rentals like you’ve never experienced before.
mobile golf simulator
mobile golf simulator
mobile golf simulator
portable golf simulator
A custom experience that was built for you

Dryvebox provides the ideal environment for you to swing your swing.

Play more golf, anywhere, anytime

Dryvebox makes golf accessible for anyone. We’ve got you covered, whether you need coaching to get to that first swing, a quality and convenient practice option, or a standout event

Improve your game regardless of skill level

Dryvebox has all the tools to help improve your game, from cameras and stats to lessons with pro instructors

Play and party with your friends and family

Call on Dryvebox to help make your next event a hit with exclusive activities, games and prizes for everyone
"Dryvebox sets up the ideal performance environment, bringing together accessibility and high-tech equipment with world-class instruction."
Randi Zuckerberg
Media Entrepreneur, Investor & Board Member
"Literally the perfect way to bring golf to your front door.  Amazing for people who want some coaching - also perfect for people who want to play a couple hours with friends."
Michael Seibel
Y Combinator
"Dryvebox is literally changing the game. I grew up seeing first-hand how so many kids don't have access to the sport in a dense city. The sky's the limit — bringing more people from all walks of life into this great game. Not to mention that they can't be beat from an environmental perspective!"
Charles Stone
Sustainability Investor & 
Knight-Hennessy Scholar
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