• What is Dryvebox? 
    Our mission is to cultivate golf everywhere. To do that, we take Trackman golf simulators and set them up in our custom mobile trailers and brick and mortar locations. We offer individual rentals, coaching, and events. You can come to us or we can come to you. Check our locations menu above to see where we’re live.
  • How do I book a session? 
    Go to dryvebox.com, click “book now” in the top right, and pick a time. You can book up to 3 weeks in advance.
  • What are your hours?
    Hours vary site by site. Find each site’s details by clicking the relevant location from the menu at the top of our site.
  • How long are sessions? 
    Individual sessions 
    These are usually an hour, but in some places we offer options for shorter and longer sessions.  For new users, expect a few minutes of being shown around and learning how to use the system.

    Events have a minimum of two hours. A standard event is usually 3 hours, but we frequently serve half day, full day, and multi-day events. 
  • Can I bring a friend? 
    Yep. Bring up to 3 people with you (4 people per bay). They will need to check in.
  • What if I refer a friend?
    You should make sure you get rewarded for that! If your referral signs up for a membership, you get a month of that same membership, free! To get that credit, they just need to put your phone or email in as a referrer when they sign up. 
  • What launch monitors do you use? 
    Trackman. They’re good.
  • Can I get my data? Can I get reports? 
    Yep. When you come in, you’ll create a Trackman profile. After your sessions, your data will get uploaded to that profile. You can generate a report at the end of your session, or go and get one later at mytrackman.com.
  • I’m wearing shorts; do you have a dress code? 
    A dress code wouldn’t really be on brand. Wear what you like.
  • Do you offer coaching? 
    We do. See our coaches and availability at dryvebox.com/learn.
    Members get a 10% discount on lessons with our coaches. Book at dryvebox.com/learn and use the code member10 when you pay. 
  • Can I bring my own coach?
    Yes. Free.
  • I am a coach. Can I teach here? 
    Good idea. Yes, you can rent a simulator session and coach your student here. If you’re going to coach here a lot, we can work out a deal for you, just get in touch. Email us at info@dryvebox.com
  • You’re stuck on an island with one person, Tiger or Bryson? 
    Tiger. He’s from Orange County so we’d be living the beach vibes.  Plus we could stay warm, and in some cases camouflaged, in layers of green jackets.
  • What if I cancel? 
    Cancellations 24 hours in advance are not charged. Cancellations within 24 hours are charged. 
  • Do I have to bring my own clubs? What if I don’t have clubs? 
    You don’t. We’ve got loaners if you need. If you don’t have clubs, you can use ours, and if you find something you like, you can order through us, at a discount.
  • Do you have food? Drinks? Alcohol? Can I bring that stuff? 
    All locations: You can bring your own food and nonalcoholic drinks. 
    Brick and mortar locations: We have beverages and snacks. No alcohol (yet!).
  • Where are Dryveboxes located? 
    Check our location dropdown on our website for the most up to date locations. 
  • How do I become a member? 
    Go to dryvebox.com/membership, pick the tier you want, and get it!
  • Do you all do anything for charity? 
    Yes. We want to grow the game, and we have a unique ability to do that. Every box does a charitable activity every quarter. Some of the organizations we work with to do those events are The Cameron Champ Foundation, The First Tee (various), US Kids Golf, and Ace Kids Golf.

    Have an organization for us? Want to be involved? Write us at info@dryvebox.com
  • Members: How do I book?
    Same as for non-member bookings..Go to our bookings page and pick a time. You can also book from your account page. Either way, we’ll debit your session balance instead of charging you. If you’re out of sessions, you can buy a one-off (20% discount using code membersim20 when you pay) or upgrade your membership for more.
  • Members: Can I book in any Dryvebox location or am I locked into where I joined? 
    We want golf everywhere. So, all members, regardless of tier, can book in any Dryvebox.
  • Members: How do sessions per month work, and when does my month start? 
    Your membership starts the day you buy it, and renews that same day the following month. Each month, you can reserve as many 1-hour sim rentals as are included in your tier, with no additional cost beyond what you already paid for your membership. If you don’t use those sessions, they don’t stack up into the next month. It’s more like a gym membership than a punch card. 
  • Members: Can I have my membership start and renew on the first of the month, instead of the day I bought it? 
    Yes you can. Just email us at info@dryvebox.com and we’ll get you taken care of. 
  • Members: Can non-members play here? 
    Guests are welcome.
  • Members: What’s in my tier, and what do the other tiers look like?
    Your tier is the one described in the account section of your profile.  Check out our full, fancy, tier descriptions at dryvebox.com/membership
  • Members: How do I change my membership tier or cancel? 
    You can switch tiers at any time. We’ll prorate your dues. You can toy with it in your account, or just write us at info@dryvebox.com and we can do it for you. Cancel by writing us at info@dryvebox.com. We’d love to know why!